Will Forrester’s predictions for 2018 be as eerily accurate as last year’s?

Forrester Research make 6 prophecies for 2018.
  • 2018 should usher in more connectivity, digital transformation initiatives and of course a plethora of new security threats, according to Forrester Research.
  • Last year, Forrester predicted there would be a cybersecurity crisis within Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, that healthcare breaches would become as commonplace as retail breaches, that more than 500,000 IoT devices would become botnet zombies and that increased spending on security services and automation would bridge the tech talent gap. All of these predictions came to pass.
  • For the coming year, Forrester are predicting that Governments will no longer be the sole providers of reliable, verified identities. They expect that bank authentication credentials will be used to log into government services.
  • They predict more IoT attacks will be motivated by financial gain rather than cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare.
  • They anticipate ransomware will be used to shut down point of sale (POS) systems. Because many payment systems now use end-to-end encryption, criminals will likely turn to ransomware for monetizing attacks.
  • It is quite likely the US 2018 midterm elections will be interfered with by hackers. A hacker could “modify the spreadsheet or database that tabulates precinct voting totals, or use compromised Windows machines to adjust the voting tabulation results in web-accessible software,” the report claimed.
  • Forrester say Blockchain may overtake AI in VC funding and security roadmaps. They expect blockchain will be a key component of certificate issuance and authentication, IDV, binary reputation checks for malware and document authenticity verification.
  • Finally, Forrester believe firms who overly-aggressively scout out insider threats will face litigation and GDPR fines. Monitoring employees’ personal data such as their email accounts is likely to raise privacy concerns.

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