Watch this 10-year-old unlock the iPhone X of his mom who looks like him

"He could order ice cream for himself whenever he wanted,” the boy's father complained.
  • Hacking the Apple iPhone X’s Face ID is far from simple; unless you look like your parent, apparently.
  • Earlier this month, Ammar Malik, a 10-year old boy picked up his mother’s new iPhone X, when much to his parents’ surprise, the phone unlocked.
  • While the boy may have found it hysterically funny at the time, his parents told WIRED in an interview that they were less than enthused at the fact their son could potentially see their texts or inappropriate content online.
  • “Now my wife has to delete her texts when there’s something she doesn’t want Ammar to look at,” the boy’s father complained.
  • While Face ID has been a huge gamble for Apple, that bet has largely paid-off. WIRED were unable to defeat it using elaborate and expensive techniques, while Vietnamese hackers were only able to penetrate the iPhone X using an impractical method of creating a facial mask from digital images and silicone.
  • Apple has in the past admitted that twins and even non-identical family members may sometimes be able to fool Face ID, but the threat to parents is even more pronounced now following this latest revelation.
  • “If my son had access to my wife’s phone and she had that app on it, he could order ice cream for himself whenever he wanted,” the boy’s father amusingly foreshadowed.
  • Apple have yet to respond to requests for comment, beyond pointing to its support page, which alludes to the probability of such occurrences and recommends using a passcode instead if this happens.

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