These spy apps catch cheating partners and monitor children’s phones

Many parents are using apps to monitor their children's phones. Spouses and employers equally feel they have no choice but to turn to spying apps to find out the truth in today's dishonest world.
  • Worried that the person you love is cheating on you? Concerned about what your kids might be looking up online? Do you lose sleep wondering if a predator or bully could be harassing your children on social media? Do you suspect an employee is slacking or stealing? If so, then buying them a new mobile for Chrstmas and installing a phone-monitoring app on it may be the solution you need to give you some peace of mind.
  • Many parents and partners are turning to phone monitoring apps to find out the truth. These apps can silently track pretty much everything someone does on their mobile phone or computer. The apps leave no trace and don’t show up as an icon on the phone. The apps can be used to view everything from browsing history, social media accounts, text messages, WhatsApp messages and much more. They can also be used to listen into calls and track a user’s location via GPS. These solutions allow you to view everything from your own personal web account, giving you insights into their deepest darkest secrets.
  • There appears to be many shady looking providers of these services online, but there are some reputable software providers offering very professional services. CSW News tested two of the market leaders to compare their functionality.
  • The two products we tested were “mSpy” and “FlexiSpy”. The first surprise was just how cheap it is to fully monitor a phone. The cost of mSpy starts at only $7 per month for the basic plan. Their premium plan is $11.70. They provide a live demo to try it for free.  They also offer a service for both Windows and Mac computers, for $5 a month.
  • For the other app, FlexiSpy, the standard plan costs just $12.50 per month.
  • They are among the cheapest phone tracking services, presumably because they are larger companies than some of their smaller competitors.
  • Although phone tracking apps have been around for a while, mSpy and FlexiSpy share some features which other apps don’t have. For instance, they can even use a phone’s microphone to listen in on conversations in any room the phone is in. FlexiSpy can even record what the microphone picks up on, as well as being able to record calls. This is a great way of being alerted if your child is in immediate danger when they’re away from home on a night out. You can even get alerts if they leave a certain area.

  • FlexiSpy has a few additional features that mSpy doesn’t have. FlexiSpy can intercept live calls, see through the camera, take pictures, and amazingly, even send spoof text messages. This could be used to send a text to warn a predator to stay away from your child. No doubt that would terrify them.
  • The mSpy software does have one distinct advantage for iPhones though; you do not even need to have physical access to an iPhone to install it. All you need is a user’s iCloud credentials. This password can often be gotten by answering a security question. For example, “What is your mother’s maiden name?” is a common question.
  • However, for both mSpy and FlexiSpy, to get access to the most features, it is best if you can get a hold of the person’s phone. This is so you can jailbreak/root the phone when installing it. It takes just a few minutes to jailbreak or root a phone and install the app. For instance, many parents confiscate a child’s phone to do this. A partner may do it while the suspected cheater is taking a shower. It is so quick to do, that you could even say your battery is dead and ask to use their phone to check your bank account or something. Of course, in most cases, a new phone is bought as a gift, so an app can easily be installed before hand.
  • With Flexispy, there is no need to root Android devices, although it means you will be unable to listen into the phone’s surroundings or access many social media apps.
  • Deakin University surveillance expert Dr Adam Molnar says that such software is similar to what law enforcement use. The apps come disguised as innocuous system files so as not to show up as an app icon on a phone.
  • If the target becomes suspicious, the apps can then be deleted remotely, without leaving any trace.
  • Lawyer Veronica Scott, from the International Association of Privacy Professionals ANZ says that while these apps may be legal, “the potential legal problems are where you are using it in a way to record or track or collect information about somebody without their consent or knowledge.” It is of course completely legal to monitor your own child’s phone though.
  • However, if a partner is found to have been cheating, this could amount to solid evidence in any divorce proceedings. Some partners could use this as leverage, so in reality they may be unlikely to face any charges if they are the ones holding all the cards. That is if they even tell their partner they monitored their phone. They could simply say they found out about their cheating some other way.
  • Some spouses who really want to go all out in gathering evidence for divorce cases are going as far as to get their partner to sign a contract allowing them to be spyed on. How could someone possibly agree to this? Well one woman we spoke with says she printed a page saying “I herby consent to my mobile phone being monitored”, and slipped it into a loan application. She got her husband to quickly sign it without checking the fine print. This is also standard for many employment contracts.
  • At CSW, we think tracking apps are valuable tools for finding anwers to the most troubling worries we face in our lives. If you find something, then you will be glad you have the evidence to make more informed decisions going forward. If you find nothing, then you can proudly erase the app and sleep soundly, knowing just how lucky you are.

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