State of endpoint security risk report for 2017 highlights the rise of fileless attacks

The increasing cost and complexity of securing endpoints is overwhelming organizations.
  • This year’s annual State of Endpoint Risk Report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, reveals organizations are struggling to get to grips with new and evolving threats to their endpoints and paying a handsome cost as a result.
  • Seven out of 10 endpoint security professionals surveyed said the endpoint risk to their organization has grown measurably over the past 12 months. Over half of the respondents reported suffering one or more successful attacks that compromised their data or IT infrastructure in 2017.
  • This correlates to a rise in fileless attacks which exploit a fundamental gap in traditional endpoint security. Over three-quarters of successful compromises involved fileless techniques.
  • Faith in traditional antivirus solutions has eroded due to these threats. In 2017, 4 out of 5 organizations replaced or augmented their AV solutions with new tools to mitigate damage from files attacks.
  • Endpoint security is also getting more costly and complicated. False positives were cited as the biggest “hidden” cost of endpoint protection, with almost half the alerts security teams respond to being false alarms.
  • The fact that organizations now have an average of seven different agents installed on endpoints is indicative of the growing complexity. Each requires its own monitoring and just one in three organizations say they have the capacity to effectively manage it all.

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