Muslim hacktivists vow to wipe ISIS off the internet on November 17

The Di5s3nSi0N hacktivist group vows to exact vengeance on ISIS by this Friday.
  • A Muslim hacker group is waging war on ISIS, vowing to “wipe them off the internet” by Friday.
  • The Di5s3nSi0N hacktivist group, which describes themselves as “the steadfast youth of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah”—a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam, stated that it would attack ISIS websites and servers on November 17 as part of their #SilenceTheSwords campaign.
  • The group have already attacked the website for ISIS’s Amaq news agency, exposing an email list of 2,000 ISIS subscribers.
  • “Daesh stained our streets and fields red from our martyrs,” the group tweeted. “The tears of the ummah will wash them clean. And we wash them from their internet hiding places! Our vengeance will be on 17.11.17.”
  • A similar threat was made against ISIS by hacktivist group Anonymous, following the Orlando shooting of 2016. ISIS Twitter accounts had their jihadist tweets replaced with gay pride messages and homosexual porn.

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