IT professionals worry about Apple’s Face ID security

A Bitglass survey finds that IT professionals are concerned with BYOD authentication and Apple's Face ID Security.
  • According to a Bitglass survey of 200 IT and security professionals at a national Gartner conference, a quarter of organizations lack some form of multi-factor authentication when securing employees’ personal devices (BYOD).
  • A lack of multi-factor authentication has resulted in several high-profile data breaches in recent months and “the BYOD boom exposes organizations to risks that can only be mitigated with next-gen, data-centric solutions that secure access,” said Rich Campagna, the Bitglass chief executive.
  • The report also indicated most professionals are not convinced Apple’s Face ID technology is a secure means of authentication, with 60% expressing their reservations.
  • 40% were worried about the accuracy of face detection and 24% were concerned with the speed of face detection.
  • 45% were alarmed by the policies surrounding the external sharing of facial data.
  • Other concerns included malware protection (40%) and unmanaged device access (40%).

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