Google Chrome finally blocks pop-up ad redirects

Goggle are adding a redirect-blocker to Chrome
  • Google’s Chrome browser team on Wednesday announced a series of fixes that attempt to block advertising pop-ups; or what they aptly call “unwanted behavior.”
  • Chrome already has a pop-up blocker and a tool to stop autoplaying videos, but staring in Chrome 64, the browser will block advertisers from triggering redirects unless they are directly clicked.
  • Instead, Chrome will show an prompt asking if you want to be redirected to a new page.
  • Google says that 20% of the user feedback it receives about desktop Chrome relates to instances where websites unscrupulously redirect to adverts.
  • Many web-based attacks, like malware distribution and phishing, rely on malicious redirects to lure victims from secure sites to dangerous ones.
  • Some say these updates are well overdue. In fact, similar third-party extensions have long been available for both Chrome and Firefox.
  • Google says it finally opted to make the changes because of “overwhelming negative feedback from users” about such maladvertising.

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