ESET: Windows movie maker scam is the third biggest global threat

A fraudulent app imitating Windows Movie Maker has been doing the rounds.
  • For over a decade, Windows Movie Maker has been a popular solution for capturing and editing videos. Although the final version was released in 2012, it was still available until this year, when Microsoft finally removed the download link from its website last January.
  • A fraudulent app mimicking the editing tool has surfaced which has been taking advantage of the fact that so many people have been searching for the term “Movie Maker”, Antivirus maker ESET says.
  • Although it ostensibly looks like the free editor, once a user goes to save a file, they are asked to purchase a USD 30 upgrade to enable the save functionality.
  • ESET says it’s the third biggest global threat they are currently tracking. It is the number one threat in Israel and cases have also arisen in Denmark, Finland, and the Philippines.
  • The good news is that apart from lightening victims’ wallets of USD 30, the scam is not all that malicious. There is no ransomware or browser hijacking component.
  • ESET advise simply uninstalling the app and running a system scan.

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