Cheap Chinese mechanical keyboard steals your keystrokes

The software that comes with the MantisTek GK2 mechanical keyboard is stealing users' keystroke data.
  • Techspot advises that owners of a MantisTek GK2 mechanical keyboard should change passwords. Users are reporting peculiar network requests being made by the keyboard’s software which is pointing to an IP connected with Alibaba’s cloud servers.
  • A packet analysis shows that the data being sent includes a user’s keystrokes.
  • It seems like MantisTek, the seller of the bargain-basement keyboards, is making up for its low prices by selling keystroke data.
  • The physical keyboard itself is ok, but its accompanying software is malicious.
  • Alibaba sells cloud computing services, so it’s unlikely they are using the data themselves.
  • Fortunately, stopping the problem is as simple as disabling the cloud driver software from running as a background process. Alternatively, network access for the CMS.exe process can be blocked by adding a new outbound firewall rule for the cloud driver.
  • This keylogging shenanigans highlights the danger of buying unvetted products directly from Chinese manufacturers.

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