Amazon Echo, Google Home exposed to Bluetooth attack

Billions of Android, iOS, Windows devices were found to be exposed to remote attacks.
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are vulnerable to recently discovered Bluetooth flaws dubbed “BlueBorne.”
  • IoT security firm Armis reported in September that billions of Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices using Bluetooth had been exposed to a new attack that can be carried out remotely without any user interaction.
  • Eight different flaws with Bluetooth implementation allow a hacker within range of the target to execute code, obtain sensitive information, and launch man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. All this can be done without needing a victim to click a link or open the file. It is also undetectable by most security products, the researchers say.
  • While mobile phone OS providers have already issued patches for this vulnerability earlier in the year, Armis has found that the bulk of IoT dvices are still vulnerable.
  • Because the Bluetooth feature cannot be disabled on either Echo or Google Home, attackers can easily launch an attack on these voice-activated assistants if they are in range.
  • Armis has notified the two companies of the vulnerabilities and thankfully patches were issued which have likely reached a majority of devices via automatic updates by now.
  • However, “the vast bulk of IoT devices cannot be updated,” Armis warned.
  • Armis has launched an Android app to help users identify vulnerable devices.

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